Not unlike a ravenous vulture,
the monster of blue engulfed me,
“It’s no more than a safe adventure”,
I trained my mind to tell me,

It was free-flowing and shapeless and formless,
like the smoke of a thick cigar,
and that smoke continued to force me downwards,
so far,             so far,

It wrapped around me as if in romantic embrace,
causing hairs to brush against skin,
like long grass in a field on a windy day,
elegantly-like a hymn,

It danced up my nose and tasted my hands,
made patterns on the tips of my feet,
a feeling of frightened serenity,
any creature would dream to beat,

Suddenly the monster retreated in a calm withdrawal,
and I tasted it’s form grow thin,
as it gracefully flowed past my body,
stroking top-of-head to chin,

And I returned to the above-surface world, what one would call normal,
where I could see and feel and breathe in,
yet I couldn’t forget that the monster still held half of me,
silently waiting with a grin…

~Azzam Anwar

I imagine that the order of events in this poem may not be too clear, but quite simply it is just a first-person perspective of someone entering the water for the first time, gradually going deeper and eventually resurfacing again to the “world” that he was formerly used to, but which he now finds peculiar.


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