“O’ My Son”

“There was a time when you would fit in my arms,
And a chair for you were my knees,
What took long to teach you were the simplest of things,
Like how to say thank you and please,

You’d cry when you were hurt and smile when you were glad,
You were so easy to understand,
Making me happy was such an easy task for you,
To see you laugh was just grand,

You grew up in the most wonderful of ways,
Became kinder with every gained inch,
Advice I could give to you with my voice alone,
While other parents had to punch, kick and pinch,

You were great my child-and you are so now,
And I’m sure that won’t change for some time,
Yet be wise with how you use your life,
We often forget that the clock chimes,

Treat others how you want to be treated,
your lips should be fixed in a smile,
never ever forget what’s important,
money won’t bring you a mile,

One day we’ll all be in the ground,
No more than food for the trees,
So what should matter is not what we do now,
But what we are able to leave,

So go out my son, be the best there is,
Because THE WORLD deserves your legacy,
Go and spread joy and love wherever you go,
And be the man I’d hoped..
but never could be.”

~Azzam Anwar


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