“Is there truly a brightness to the day,
without the darkness of the night?
Is there truly talent in few,
without those who’ve suffered a plight?

Is there truly beauty in a face,
without another that is less so?
Is there truly heat in fire,
without the cold of winter snow?

Is there truly an exaltedness to music,
without the normal we too often hear?
Is there truly freedom for some,
without those who love in fear?

Is there truly safety in a mothers arms,
without the perils outside out doors?
Is there truly an ounce of health inside us,
without the time’s were covered in sores?

Is there truly softness to a feather,
without the sheer coarseness of rock?
Is there truly a concept of “loneliness”,
without those who breathe in a flock?

Is there truly youth in a child,
without those who’ve sung a century’s song?
Is there truly any right,
without it’s twin brother of wrong?

Is there truly speed in a bird,
without the wingless it breezes past?
is there truly “good” in “old times”,
without when they are gone so fast?”


Is there truly a need to answer that question?

~Azzam Anwar


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