Old is Gold

“My, the silent that falls when they speak,
the whispers that fade when they stand,
the muscles that relax when touching,
their warm and consoling hands,

The laughs that echo ever after their jokes,
The smiles that cease not to mirror theirs,
the satisfied tongues perpetually craving more,
of the delicacies they effortlessly craft with such care,

The wrinkles of theirs that have outlasted decades,
their sight widening young eyes,
their silver hair that glimmers in the faintest of light,
the wisdom in them so easily realised,

The tranquillity that spreads over hearts at,
their deliberate, thoughtful stares,
the ears that pounce at their ever profound words,
to miss a sentence they wouldn’t bear,

Their mouths that have sung the songs of distant years,
Their limbs which have helped those so gone,
Their crinkled-eye smiles that have faded tears away,
the happiness their sculpted words have bestowed upon,

The youth more often than not blind to their value,
believing in being young and being bold,
what a pity it is,
that they often dismiss,
that the elderly are more precious than gold.”

~Azzam Anwar


Days of War

“My dearest friend,
there may come a day when the courage of may man falter,
and his sanity and principle and morality becomes none but Fear’s fool, altered,
but today is not such day.

There may come a day when the will of man may in the slightest waver,
and with cloths over his eyes will in his desire savour,
but today is not such day.

There may come a day when Grief’s arrow may strike man’s heart weak,
and will light the backs of man’s eyes until rivers are of his cheeks,
but to day is not such day.

There may come a day when man’s houses may crumble to none but dust,
and he wishes for none but death with a powerful lust,
but today is not such day.

There may come a day when man may breathe his last breath,
and will bid greetings to his new companion of death,
and his blood will creep into the soil, the air, and our thoughts,
and for the peace his friend brings, he will leave happily behind all plot,

But I swear,
today is not such day.

~Azzam Anwar


The Deed of the Ninja

“The grace of a landing,
The unstirred air,
The night that quietens,
At his sight,

The sleeping ground,
Unalarmed by his step,
The watchful moon,
That misses his plight,

The silent tread,
The quiet cloths,
The fearful trees,
That hold their breath,

The movements so quick,
The nerves of steel,
The heart that calms,
While the whole world screams,

The blur of metal,
That glistens in the light,
The separation of life,
From body without fight,

The indifferent heart,
That sees no sin,
Fear not the sword,
But the hand it is in.”

~Azzam Anwar


How NOT to Study

Hey guys! I was requested to make a video providing tips on how to study, so naturally I decided to do the exact opposite (somewhat).

Tips Summarized:
1: Set an alarm at a suitable time, and try your best to wake up
2: Take care of your body: Have breakfast and a shower before you start studying
3: Don’t spend too much time trying to find the perfect study environment!
4: Eliminate your distractions
5: Have a timetable, and stick to it
6: Engage with the material. Osmosis doesn’t work!
7: Have breaks regularly
8: Never hesitate to ask for help
Finally: Focus on studies, but don’t neglect other important things. Have a life outside of your books.

Enjoy, and subscribe for more!