A Letter to Guilt

Go away!
get out of my head!
can you please not follow me into my own bed?!

Just leave me alone, just let me be!
Allow this soul to not feel and be free!
Poison you are, you hear me clear!
Poking my eyes and savouring the tears!

Contaminating my every thought,
oh what but despair has your presence brought!
Indulging in nought but your selfish whims,
what do you do but make lives grow dim?

Must, stagnant at the bottom of me you lay?
To rot and decay with each passing day?
You’re nothing but evil, there is no doubt,
slowly devouring me from the inside out.

I know what I did, and I know more why,
Why don’t you stay out of the tears that I cry?
Just let me go, just let me hide,
Why must you latch onto me with such pride?

This is final, I say NO MORE!
I won’t let you shred to the depths of my core!
I bid you well and hope you’re fine,
Allow me to stare at the lies I leave behind.”





I found this piece crumpled under a pile of old scraps of paper, checked the date and realised that I wrote it about a year ago. Still trying to figure out what major disturbing mentally distressing traumatic experience occurred then that gave me such a motive.

Don’t think I’ll find the answer anytime soon, Alhamdulillah (lols)

Guilt however, is such a thing that affects to the best of us. It’s something we can choose to either use as a tool for constant self improvement or as a destructive instrument that will just eat us alive.

Guilt doesn’t mean you’re evil, only human.

Choose wisely my friends 🙂