“Right beside my shoulder,
But a million miles away,
Screaming right into my ear,
But I don’t hear a word you say.

The same great laugh, the same wide smile,
Yet something is in lack,
In your eyes I no longer see the shimmer of mine,
Like a mirror,
with a crack.

Tight against my very arms,
But I’ve forgotten how you feel,
Plastered onto my very eyes,
But I still wonder if you’re real. “

People change.


Another piece of mine written a long time ago. I keep coming across more of them, and they seem to be getting more peculiar as I go along haha

~Azzam Anwar









“Be the bamboo,
That shades it’s passerby,
That houses it’s cutter,
That quenches the thirst of its impaler,
That feeds it’s hurter.

Be the bamboo,
That clump together to support one another,
Never to grow alone,
Knowing that isolation precedes destruction.

Be the bamboo,
That takes the miserable rain from the dark clouds above,
Letting it fill itself up,
To make it into something drinkable and pure, for the benefit of others,
Instead of letting it consume it from the inside out.

Be the bamboo,
That flexes and bends in the strong wind,
Knowing that only in the face of adversity does it get stronger, more mature, more enduring, and that to adapt, is to survive.

Above all, be the limitless bamboo,
That strives to reach new heights,
Regardless of its surroundings,
The bamboo,
That never stops developing,
That never stops maturing,
That continues to grow and bloom and blossom,
That never stops,
Regardless. “

I feel that there’s so much that can be learnt from our surroundings, only if we were to observe.

~Azzam Anwar