“The eyelids get heavy and the limbs go limp,
The mind’s elsewhere and the thoughts are hymns,
Echoing endlessly through the soft cloak of night,
The sleep’s deadly call-who has the power to fight?

All excitement is dead, all delights are a bore,
To keep the eyes open becomes the great chore,
A swarm of bumble-bees buzzing in the brain,
Lulling it to slumber like the pitter patter of rain,

Creeping up the windows of the subconscious, idle it lies,
Choking away the cognisance until it solemnly dies,
and by then, it’s too late to scuffle or cry,
as the body now lies dead, since the mind has long flied.”


How does it feel for you when you start to fall asleep? Let us know!


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