Droopy Droops 

​I see you in every single thing. 
Like in the rays of sun that used to light up your face,

But now have nothing worthy to deposit their golden warmth onto,

And in the glasses I drink from who’s rims I used to kiss, 

while laughing at your jokes, 

Or at you, 

But now do not hear me laugh the same way, 

Since that day. 
And in the grass that bends under my feet as I walk, 

Although there used to be a patch that would bend beside mine, 

Where you used to step, 

But now the blades no longer bend that way, 

And how could they?
And especially 

The now empty chairs which I smile at everyday, 

A part of me crazy enough to think that, 

Perhaps one day you’d be there 

Smiling back,

But you never are. 

And how could you be? 
Missing you as the integral part of my life, I saw coming. 
But little did I realise,

Let alone appreciate, 

The extent to which you managed to turn the absolutely mundane of my life, 

Into the most vivid and colorful. 
And now that piece of me you took with you when you went, 

I can only get close enough to stare at, 

In the rays of sun, 

And the drinking glasses, 

And the blades of grass, 

And the empty chairs, 

But never close enough to touch. 

Let alone ever get back. 
And I ask myself always, 

Without that piece, 

Can the mundane be more than all that is mundane? 

Can what is dull and grey now become bright and colourful? 
And despite knowing all the answers, 

I’ll smile. 

And grin. 

And laugh 

Because that’s what you would have wanted. 

And because no one needs to taste it’s bitterness, 

Or get a pinch of what it’s like. 
But without that one piece, 

I’m no longer the same. 

And never ever will be. 

And how could I be?