Hi, and welcome to Wagamagiga.com (previously Azzam Wok)!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself (and thus, this website) to you, the random stranger who has willingly decided to visit it. My name is Azzam, as you may have already figured out, and this is my website. Of course, that may be a bit short on detail, but allow me to explain that when I say it is “my” website, I mean that it’s a platform where I can express anything at all that I feel either needs attention, I find interesting or simply humorous. I plan to publish stories that are meaningful to me, whether it’s from a secondary source or my own experience, or even creation. I want this to be an outlet for positivity and creativity, and I’m sure an awesome community that I know is out there can help me to do that.

Care to join me?


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