“Choosing Happiness”


Salam and hello everyone!

This week’s video: “Choosing happiness”

Sometimes, our idea of being happy is too centred around being in the ‘best’ situations that we forget that in many ways, the best happiness is just seeing the best in the situations we have.

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Music: Sadness and Sorrow, Taylor Davis


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“Hungry Ramadhan” – Spoken Word

Assalamualaikum guys!
It looks like the month of Ramadhan has made it’s way over once again, and in light of this special occasion I decided to make a video expressing my thoughts on how, despite the fact that we should enjoy this blessed month, it shouldn’t be that we overindulge and completely forget our fellow humans who are suffering across the world. Even during this amazing time, there are still millions who go to sleep on an empty stomach and are forced to go through days of endless pain with no food whatsoever.

At the same time, I also decided to do it in a form that’s absolutely new to me, that is spoken word. I do hope you guys enjoy the video and find it of benefit.
Feed the hungry this Ramadhan:


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Music: Winter Day by Andrey Vinogradov


How NOT to Study

Hey guys! I was requested to make a video providing tips on how to study, so naturally I decided to do the exact opposite (somewhat).

Tips Summarized:
1: Set an alarm at a suitable time, and try your best to wake up
2: Take care of your body: Have breakfast and a shower before you start studying
3: Don’t spend too much time trying to find the perfect study environment!
4: Eliminate your distractions
5: Have a timetable, and stick to it
6: Engage with the material. Osmosis doesn’t work!
7: Have breaks regularly
8: Never hesitate to ask for help
Finally: Focus on studies, but don’t neglect other important things. Have a life outside of your books.

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